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Buying New and Used Cars in Southern Maryland

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Tom Hodges Auto Sales

Tom Hodges Auto Sales, Inc., specializes in used cars and trucks. All of their vehicles pass a 120 point inspection. They strive to ensure that their customers are 100% satisfied; no hassle credit approval (all levels of finance available); and trade-ins are welcome.

New vs. Used Cars: What Suits You the Best

Both the new and used cars have their own advantages and disadvantages. This article lists out certain points that you can use to decide about what type of car suits you the best.

Used Car Buying Tips

Use these eleven used car buying tips when you want a quality car at a great price.

Car Buying Tips For eBay Motors

There are a lot of perks associated with car shopping online with eBay Motors, including the buyer being able to set the price. In addition, automobile insurance is more affordable on used cars and, with an auction, the buyer pays in full and there is no hassle of a monthly payment.

Top Tips When Buying A Used Car Privately

Every year, millions and millions of used cars are purchased, with many of these cars being purchased privately direct from the owner. While this can often be the route to achieving the best bargains it can also become very expensive in cases when it emerges that the car has a number of problems or a previously unknown history. In order to reduce the likelihood of being caught out we’ve put together the top tips when buying a car privately:

Used Car Searches

When looking for a good second hand car the internet can prove to be a valuable asset. There are literally thousands of sites which list good quality second hand cars and provide easy used car search options to help you get the car you want.

Used Car Deals

When it comes to used car deals there are many bargains to be had and one of the best places you can begin your search for your used car is online. Some of the cheapest used car deals can be found through private sellers advertising on one of the many sites that are available for searching. Another popular choice when it comes to getting a great deal is to search among the many car dealerships which sell second hand cars and find the best bargains.

Used Car Prices: Myths And Facts About Web-Based Used Car Values

Eighty percent of car buyers are using the Internet to research cars and used car prices. For vehicle research, the Internet’s great! For vehicle prices, the Internet sucks! It sucks because the prices do not reflect reality for the buyer or the seller. Web sites that place values on vehicles have created more confusion than […]